Thursday, August 4, 2011

bad blogger

I am such a slacker, I am sure I post this all the time

This past Tuesday was my 27th birthday!! I got the best present ever! Our social worker called and the adoption papers were completed! Yahoooooooooooo I was sooooooooo over the moon and excited to hear this! Sean is ours forever no worries of ever losing him, he is ours!

So much stress right now trying to sell our house, we found a house we LOVE! I am so scared we are going to lose it by not selling our place, it sucks the stress is so much. The house is a 4 story house and the first time I ever saw it I wanted it! I want it to be my house! We have looked at so many other houses and I want this one and only this one! So I keep praying that our house will sell fast and we can get this house.

I have started babysitting its only till Dec 14th. I am exhausted getting up at 5:30 every morning. It's good money and will pay for Christmas and our trip to Florida.

We are trying to get a passport for Sean and if his birth certificate comes I will send it back if we get rejected again.

On Dec 15th I am having my gall bladder taken out.

I am going to start blogging every day for the next 51 days on August 15th as I will be starting the 51 day diet again

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