Sunday, August 31, 2008

What have I missed??

So today my bestfriend Cindy left to go to see her aunt, Cindy and her husband Trevor flew in on Thursday night at 8pm, we did dinner and stuff and talked to midnight. Well then Friday and Saturday she was gone all day. Friday we were suppose to spend the night together but her friend was getting married and so she spent the whole night out with the girls which is fine. But I really am sad and jealous that her aunt now has her for like 3 whole days, no wedding nothing to deal with just cindy and trevor time, I wish cindy would have stayed today with me and took a late train tonight to her aunts.

Anyways this brings me to what I have missed in 5 years of living in Ontario.
I have two bestfriends and these guys will always be my bestfriends, we might not talk every day or week at that matter but when we do talk its like we havent missed a day. Nana and Cindy are my two best friends in life.

Nana- I have missed her being pregnant, I have missed 5 years of her being a mom and watching her children grow up. This is the hardest thing for me is that I maybe see the kids once a year. Its not okay and I feel robbed from being there for my best friend in the bad times and good times. I was honoured to be Nana's maid of honour, Nana was mine to. I wish I could live at home close to her so we could hang out all the time and I would be there for her to watch her children grow.

Cindy- Well Cindy and I became friends later on like in grade 10 but since then there has been no looking back. Cindy has completed bible school and is planning on living in africa to be a missionary in West Africa Guinea. So this meaning that her and her husband will probably be moving in 3 years to Africa. Man then I wont see her unless I go to Africa. ahhhhh I need to move home so I can spend as much time with her before she leaves. Cindy was in my wedding party, I was suppose to be Cindy's maid of honour but things came up and I could not attend the wedding I still feel awful about thing but do know Cindy forgave me.

Then there is my family, I never got to see my sister in law pregnant, nor was I there in the Good/Bad and Ugly times when Larkin was born and was rushed to the NICU in Calgary for unknown seizures. Nor have I been there to watch her crawl or say her first word or take her first steps. Nor will i be there for her 1st birthday which is in 12 days. I have missed watching my brother be a father which I never ever thought and he loves that little girl like you would never understand.

Yes Ontario has been home to us and I do not hate it but I would much rather live where my family is, for 5 years my mom and I have talked on the phone almost every single day there are some weekends we might not have talked if we were out of town but for the most part we spent hours and hours on the phone.

In London we got to meet alot of close friends, Troy who moved to Thunder Bay, Gian and Ryan who have now gone back to Singapore, I have a friend Christine who is now head over heels for a guy so I hardly see her. Then I have my work friends who I see every once and awhile. But No one is as close as Cindy and Nana to me.

We have also got to know most of Evan's family and gone to happy and sad times but tnhey live two hours away and we are lucky to even see them maybe every 4 months. We might talk to his parents maybe once a week sometimes it seems like every other week.

We have travelled to New York and spent time in ottawa and Toronto. I have seen Niagara falls more times then I hope to see it in the future. We have gone and learn about the states and shopping and what great stores they have!! TARGET!! We have driven a 17 hour trip to Thunder Bay to visit family. But when I look at it we haven't been places around London like godrich/st.jacobs market/bayfield, we really havent gone places and explored.

I really hate the waiting game but know I need to learn to deal with patience that I dont have but I wish we had the answer to if we can start packing and get going on so we don't miss much more of what is truely important to me.

Yes I will miss evan's family and our friends but we need a new chapter in our life.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So I have posted but Evan had an interview and they told him he would be having a second one soon. But how soon? when will we hear from the secertary to schedual it?? Oh man its been a week now. I am praying he didnt ask to much but they could just say no to him for the amount. Oh its so tough being me.

This week we are both sick with the flu and so Evan stayed home mon and tuesday and today I was sick but he went to work but came home early for me. But now I have a 102 fever and my body is aching so bad. One of my children is sick with the flu to awww I feel so bad for everyone.

This past weekend we went camping with our friends we had a great time and well I didnt think about the job much but decided I might want to sell epicure its yummy dips and stuff and just for the discount but I am still waiting on everything!!!

So it took a month and half to hear about the first interview how long will it take to hear for the second interview? Should he call her and see when they are schedualing the interviews? OH MAN!! I m praying we really need this job! I need sanity and closeness back in my life.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Well I went on a holiday for a whole week it was awesome! I had a great rest/visit with my family.

Evan and I left Friday August 8th at 4:30pm and arrived in Thunder Bay at 8:30am 17 hours of driving! I went to the farm to see my aunt and uncle then over to my other aunts where we stayed all week.

We spent all week on the lake with my aunt and uncle, grandma and my parents. It was nice a relaxing, went into the lake twice it was cold brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

We got to spend time with Evan's bestfriend and we met his fiance.

The best part out of my trip was spending the whole week with my parents, I love them so much and I was so sad to see them go, my mom and I cried and that got my aunt crying. Ya wuss bag family LOL

Now I am back to work hi ho hi ho its off to work we go...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to me Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to mmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee Happy birthday to meeeeeeee.

Today I am 24 years old, 1 more year till I am a quarter of a centry old. Its crazy how time flies! 5 years ago today i was buying my marriage certificate.

Today we are going to Red lobster for dinner and chilling out. i also have to go get the new sticker for the van licence plate, damn money makers $74 is crap! Its your birthday pay the government $75, do not advance Go. I feel like I am playing monopoly. I have to work tonight I have Nevin but I think Evan will do all the work for me today ;) He can feed him at dinner and he can change him and put him to bed.

Its the long weekend here so meaning I only have to work 4 days next week and then I am off for a whole week!! thats right A WHOLE week!! 9 days off!! sweet mother of god!! I am so excited!! We leave on friday night to drive 14 hours to visit my family I am so excited to see my aunts and uncles and grandma and best part is my mom and dad are driving 20 hours to see me! its great!! I plan on swimming and relaxing! My aunt wants to go to a casino in the states if we do that Evan and I will leave from there on the friday and spend the night in Chicago! Oh were gonig to chicago were going to the fair to see the senoritas with flowers in their hair oh shake baby shake it shake it all you can shake it like a milkshake!! Okay enough of the song lol... But I dont think it will happen! But who knows!

For my birthday I have a migrain headache!!! greattttttttt... I was woken up at 7:19 from my little girl calling to sing happy birthday to me.. then my mom called at 11:00 and woke me up again hahaha. We had a nasty storm last night with tornado warnnigs I hate living in Southern ontario!!

Anyways Happy birthday to me!