Sunday, November 30, 2008


Well the house has sold!

I am so happy and greatful for this!

I love my parents very much but I need my own place, my own living room that when my husband goes to bed early I can stay up and watch TV. My own place!! Ahh its crazy. I was super excited to move in now I need to move out.

I am really having a hard time living back here.. Today Evan and I had a massive fight and I am sick of it like every weekend we fight blah. We had a great day yesterday and fought today.

Went christmas shopping yesterday it was fun! Spent way to much money but thats okay thats what Christmas is for right. Also I sold my house lol....

Well thats all for now

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Having a rough time

Well so as my mom has always said the grass isn't greener on the other side, well she is right. I am having a really rough time with this move. Maybe because I am living with my parents in their small 2 bedroom apartment and well my dad and I fight like cats and dogs... I say something and he bites my flippen head off. Also him and my mom bicker then he has the nerve to tell me and I tell him I don't want to hear it, I am minding my own business so then if I joke with my mom he gets mad and I tell him to shut it its none of his business.

We need our house to sell and we need our own place. Evan and I have been fighting also I am so sick of his flippen attitude towards me when people are around its makes me so mad. He treats me like a pile of crap and I will not take it anymore and I let him have it today in the van and I said I will not take anymore of it from him.

So I have met some of my bestfriends friends and had the chance to get to hang out with them. Today I went for lunch with my bestfriend and now I am getting crap for it and my dad just opened his Fing mouth again.

I joined aqua fit and am enjoying it, I just don't want to go alone on Tuesdays so I need to figure out what to do, I might also join the gym this week.

Evan and I need to sell the house and move into our own apartment won't happen till the new year but I hope the house sells soon its such a burden and I am so frustrated with it and am having a rough time with it all.

I have to get my cars saftyed good luck on that trying to find someone who isn't going to charge me an arm and a leg for it.

Well I went from one depression to another, a depression of having the job I had, to a depression of having to live with my parents and in a small ass town with nothing in it. Ugh its so frustrating!

Yes I know i always wanted to move home but really I didnt want to move home home just to Calgary which is 3 hours from my family.

Oh yeah on top of it all my niece hates me and cries and hates me oh yeah did I mention Cry!