Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Getting Emotional

Well its coming to an end, crazy how life takes us.
Even though I am excited to be moving close to my family, I am very sad to be leaving my life behind here in London. There are many things I am going miss, I really wish Elkford was like a 5 hour drive away from London and I would never move.

Have you ever thought I would be a person to have second thoughts and cold feet lol, come on I am moving home, moving close to my family, close to my friends. But I am moving far away from what my life has been.

Things I will miss about London:
Hot Air Balloons- Won't see those in Elkford, I get excited when I see one in the London and they fly over my house twice a day usaully!

Walmart- Damn rights closest walmart 1 hour and half away like seriously people, its only a 4 minute drive at that! And its a Super Walmart!

Tim Hortons- Closest one is 45 minutes away, not like I can drink an ice cap everyday now.

Shopping/Malls- Well here I can go to the mall and of course I am moving Bath and Body opened its doors.

Restraunts- Wonder Sushi, Thaun Kieu and all the other good places we have gone.

Friends- Our church friends, and ex co-workers

Our house- yes I will miss it, its the first house we ever bought and now its going up for sale today.

Being close to things- 2 hour drive to Toronto, 1 hour to the states, 9 hours to NYC.. 6 hours to Chicago where I never got to go.

Our church- Its massive and we have spent 5 years there, we are both active in the church.

Doctors- A good family doctor and a good specialist

I am going to Miss London and am getting very sad.

But I do get...

My family- my mom,dad,brother, sister in law and Niece, my 2 best friends even though one will live 6 hours away.

The mountains- The view, to go skiing, the wildlife

No Job- thats right I get to be unemployed meaning I get me time, time for me to focus on my weight issue and work my ass off every day at the gym, swimming, walknig with friends

Camp- My parents have a place on Moyie Lake, I get to spend every weekend there and all summer if I want there. Relaxing mountain fresh air

Yes I know there are a lot of better things in london but not physical wise.

Evan leaves in 4 more sleeps, wow its so real he has 4 more work days with TD then he is done.

Monday, October 6, 2008



So I haven't posted but Evan got the job we are moving home, I am hoping November 1st will see with the moving company!

So I have a very busy 4 weeks left! Evan leaves on the 18th and my dad is coming here on the 18th!

untill then I am sure I won't be posting much. Thanks to all who read my complaints the last 3 months LOL

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rainy Picnic

Today the day the Teddy bears have their picnic!

Well today we are suppose to hear about the job officially.. So we will hear either good or bad. I am no prepared to hear bad.... And its pouring rain today and is cold... ugh what is the day going to bring..

So if you could pray for us today and that the guy calls early on so I don't go mental, oh to late already gone eh lol.

So I will post later....

Oh man butterflies are flying all around my stomach...