Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Son!

It's funny how almost a year ago I was writing a post about Christmas and how all I wanted was that gift of a child.

Well God gifted us with the best present ever, June 3rd was the best day of my life, when we got the phone call! on June 18th we made our way 7 hours away to meet with the foster family, social workers and that day our hearts jumped for joy as we were told we were going to become parents for sure!

I once again had to wait, 5th year mark and we waited again June came, July came and the 13th we got to see a picture of our baby boy! On the 31st we laid eyes on him for the first time ever, his name is Sean he is 2.5 years old he will be 3 in January he is beautiful, he has bright blue eyes and he is our son! For 8 weeks we hung out with Sean almost every day, we had to return him and those days broke my heart, I cried and missed him so much.

On September 25th Sean was welcomed into our home forever! We love him to pieces and would never trade him for anything!

Sean has fragile x and Autism and it makes me love him more!

Sean is delayed in speech but is getting much better since its just been us at home with him.

Sean has 4 siblings and 2 are still not adopted and I pray one day they will be

Sean's middle name is Karl with no E!

This Christmas we will have a christmas with Sean he will be our true blessing! We thank God for him daily!

Our lives have changed and we love it!