Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rant about life

Well have you ever just felt like crap and that people are attacking you.

The other day I got a lecture from the pastor and I took it personal and I am pretty mad about it. The church has nothing to offer us.

Well today was the end and I feel very depressed now and feel very hateful to my own father it sucks. This morning my dad was on the phone with my brother and was bitching about me to my brother, what my dad didn't know was that Ev and I were home and I heard the whole conversation! I am done with my father and do not wish to speak to him again. We have always butted heads and its true he has always liked my brother more then he has to me. So maybe next time he is frustrated with my brother and goes off on me about how my brother takes advantage of my mom I will record it and play it for my brother. So I can not wait to get my own place, a place I can go to and be by myself and not have to look at my father every night and watch his stupid rerun shows over and over. So the thing is Evan and I bought my dad a Wii game to play on our Wii but I think I will just unwrap it and give it to Evan because I really don't think my dad will be over to my house as it was obvious he hates my cats and he hates having us here. My mom on the other hands just tells him to suck it up.

Another thing with my brother is he does expect so much from people and he wants it now. Like today he wanted my fireplace that I gave him and then he calls me and says what are you doing, I said playing a game. He said well bring me the fire place, I said no he got all pissed off with me and was like fine whatever. So then he calls back later and says I am coming to get it, thats nice. Ugh and he calls all his days off for someone to babysit his daughter as they have to go out. I love my niece but I think I would like to take her places if she was my daughter. And they don't like invite you over to do anything else so when larkin see's you she knows mommy and daddy are leaving.

Why did I move home its just stupid and really stressful and I do sometimes regret it. Tomorrow our house is sold and we are moving out as soon as our apartment is ready lets hope soon because I don't want to intrude on my father anymore like we intrude he sits on his ass and does nothing all day long.

Well thats that!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


So what has been happening in my world you ask:

Well first off I have been asked to do 2 different jobs, I might do one of them but not sure of the other. As I am bored I like having my freedom.

Our house will be sold on Monday I am really looking forward to not having to pay a mortgage right now. Evan and I are going to rent an apartment and live that way for a bit.

Well with the world right now and the recession in Canada our town was hit very hard this week, there are mines that make up the two towns here and well this week we had to lay off all the casual's so over 300 people they might start laying off others who haven't been there for 3 months. I am thankful that we are safe, I say we are safe because they are so short staff as it is. Evan is actually going to be going to a new mine in the new year to run it by himself! He is happy but its a good 40 min drive away that stinks! So he is lucky to have the job he has!

We are enjoying being home, I had a hard time at first because of no shopping or anything but its getting better now that we are home for a bit. The only big problem is church, well we don't know what church to go to. The church I grew up in is a small church and has nothing to offer us. So we are church hoping around and enjoying one of the churches. Anyways the down fall is our pastors at the church I grew up in are upset we aren't going there and to be honest she came to me and told me this and I was mad that she is saying that having us might bring younger couples in I doubt it I am not there to recruit people for the church. Anyways so thats that!

Well thats life for now!